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It´s An exclusive boutique hotel located in one of the historical places that will take you back in to the ¨colonia¨(Colonial age).

Located on what was know as the ¨Camio Real de Tierra Adentro, ¨ this was the main road that was used to comunicate the colonial Mexico with its central and most important the mining cities, it´s was the official road where the silver and other mining products were trasported.

Mesón Real de Plata is a space where luxury coexists with history, so you can enjoy both the tranquility of the countryside and the comfort of a place made to pamper your senses. 

We offer luxury rooms and are fully equipped with the following amenities; jacuzzi, massage room, horses, bikes, chapel, golf tee, gym, bar, food court and all the services you need to guarantee a perfect stay.


Meson Real de Plata was the first military stronghold in the XVI century, it was used as a base of operations for the military that provided protection to the civilian population as well as to guarantee the safe passage of the silver cargo in route to Mexico city, all this cargo came from the great mines in Guanajuato, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí.


On the middle of the XVII century Meson Real de Plata was also used as a place where cotholic religion was instructed to the native population and also was used as a school where the native population was thought different trades.

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Nowadays it is consider and has being declared ¨Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad¨(Culatural Heritage of the Humanity)



You will find Real de Plata Hotel Boutique in one of the most important routes in the times of the New Spain, in the real path where the silver was transported. 

It´s original architecture offers the best installations so you can live a pleasant and comfortable stay, out of the city in a historical place. 


Comfort and exclusivity in a cozy and relaxing ambience.
The atmosphere that every room transmits with its large spaces, decorations and furniture, makes it an authentic experience of that time.

*All THE FACILITIES are for adults only.

*All reservations must be made with 24 hours of anticipation.



Pedro Martín del Toro


Pascual Carrasco



The activities that we offer guarantee an authentic experience, while in a beautiful and traditional setting that will transport you to a unique moment in history. The luxury and the nature of the exclusive estate combines to deliver relaxation, pleasure and the rest that you deserve.